On Camera Flash – Making It Work for You

I was in my local camera store the other day.  I was purchasing a small speedlite unit to use on my mirrorless camera.  Yes, on-camera.  In a twist of fate, in walks in a colleague from my local camera club, same flash unit in hand.  We chatted with the salesperson, also a friend.

Godox FlashMy colleague then said:  “I’m bringing this flash back.  It doesn’t fire consistently.”  He demonstrated the problem, with the unit set first on TTL mode and then on manual mode while attached to the hotshoe on his mirrorless camera.  He was right.  Without changing camera settings, sometimes the speedlite would fire and sometimes it wouldn’t.  He returned the unit.  But it got me to thinking about how the speedlite and camera work together and how to make sure they always work when needed. Continue reading “On Camera Flash – Making It Work for You”

Being in Control

It’s one of the ironies of photography that we spend ever increasing amounts of money to purchase better and better cameras and lenses, acquiring more and more automatic features to aid us in getting the best images possible.

Canon 5DIII Top SideAnd then what do we do?  We turn everything off and shoot completely manually, because “that’s what pros do”.  Think about that for a minute.  Does that make sense to you?  Give your head a shake.

I recently had a moment shooting an event where I had to do just that.  Then I did a little experiment to find out just what I was missing by doing all the work myself.  Read on for the results.

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The Real Meaning of “Shooting RAW”

I like to know how things work.  I ask “why” A LOT.  Recently, I took an online course offered by lynda.com, one of the premier online learning environments.  They cover many professions and subjects, including photography.  One of their elite photography instructors is Ben Long, who has worked with clients such as 20th Century Fox and Bluenote Records.  In this course, Learn Photography:  Shooting in RAW Mode (sorry for capitalizing RAW, Ben), he covers all the details any nerd like me could possibly want about shooting raw images.  It was so full of information, I went through it twice.


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