Getting Good Bokeh

Another short presentation to my local photography club.  Last time I spoke, it was about preventing blurry photographs.  This time, it’s about deliberately blurring the background to make the subject stand out.   Continue reading “Getting Good Bokeh”

My Portfolio

Durham CollegeYesterday, I completed my program in Digital Photography at Durham College, Oshawa, Canada.  Although not official until June, I’m ready to strike out on my own and find my niche in this competitive world.

Our last few weeks of school were about defining our photographic style, preparing a compilation of our work, deciding how to present it in print and electronically, and staging a show for industry and family.  I found this to be the most revealing and meaningful segment of my education.  I emerge from this experience with a better understanding of my interests and style, and with a full portfolio of work to share. Continue reading “My Portfolio”

The Appeal of High Dynamic Range (HDR) – Or Not

I recently completed an assignment that required a High Dynamic Range (HDR) final image.  This image blended an outdoor background with a studio foreground subject.  Both were processed using HDR capture and develop techniques.  I think the result turned out well, don’t you?

Yoga on the Common
Yoga on the Common

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Portraits Anyone?

One of the most difficult tasks for any photographer is getting the perfect shot of a person who is staring back at you while you do it.  It is so much easier to photograph a wildflower, a building, an artefact.  Even what’s known as “street photography”, where unposed and candid photos of people are taken, presents less of a challenge.Broken Lens

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