Crop Mode in Camera or Crop in Post

There was a bit of a Facebook exchange recently in our camera club about how best to achieve a fill-the-frame image when your lens can’t provide enough reach. This wouldn’t even have been a discussion a few years ago – the only two ways to do it would have been to zoom with your feet (get closer) or to crop in post production. DSLRs offered no other options.

But today’s higher end DSLRs and all (most?) mirrorless cameras offer another option where you can isolate how much of the sensor read-out is captured in the RAW data for a particular image. When converted, that reduced RAW data then “fills the frame” appearing to create a zoom or magnified effect and brings you in “closer” to your intended subject.

The exchange on Facebook fell into two camps: those who called the result magnification and those who said that was misleading. Well, in fact, they are both right.

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The Appeal of High Dynamic Range (HDR) – Or Not

I recently completed an assignment that required a High Dynamic Range (HDR) final image.  This image blended an outdoor background with a studio foreground subject.  Both were processed using HDR capture and develop techniques.  I think the result turned out well, don’t you?

Yoga on the Common
Yoga on the Common

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