Another Year

We all reflect at this time of year on the things we’ve accomplished, the friends we cherish and how life in general has treated us.  In my case, health issues took centre stage, but have ended positively.  I also finished school and started to dabble in photography more seriously.  I’ve settled into retirement from a full-time career and now have much more flexibility than I have ever had in deciding what to do with my day.  And I’m sharing the holiday season with friends and family and having a blast.

But it is time to get serious again and do some planning around where I would like my photography to go next. Continue reading “Another Year”

Graduation Day

After two years, 20 courses and a not so trivial investment in gear, I’ve received my diploma in digital photography from Durham College, Canada.  I am now a photographer.Graduation

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The Business Side of Photography – My First Year as a Photographer

Photography is a tough business to be in.  The advent of cellphone cameras has meant the demise of staff photographers on many publications or even the demise of the actual publications.

Business PlanMost often, photography jobs are contract or freelance, paid by the job or image, or not paid at all.  The business owner who might need a few pictures for publicity doesn’t understand why these cost hundreds of dollars.  Often they wonder if the photographer should be paying them, for the opportunity to publish the work and be noticed. Continue reading “The Business Side of Photography – My First Year as a Photographer”

Website Launch This Week

This website officially launched this week.  Thanks to the great learning environment at Durham College, I was able to design, build and release this to you.  It’s been a labour of love, as well as a way to start to connect with all of you.  Hope you enjoy your visit and that you’ll return regularly.  Thanks for your support.

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