Here We Go – Adobe “Tests” Price Increase

Reports have surfaced in the last couple of days that Adobe may soon be making a pricing change to its photography plan offerings.

Some country-specific sites have started seeing new pricing and new configurations of options, including subscribers in the United States.  It doesn’t appear that this “test” has been applied to the Canadian market.


Reading between the tea leaves is fairly easy:  in order to retain a $9.99 USD per month pricing, subscribers commit to web-enabled Lightroom CC, with 1TB of storage.  Classic desktop based versions of Lightroom and Photoshop are NOT included.

It’s the first step, as I reported previously, in a transition to cloud-based services and the same user experience across all devices that a user may own.  This transition, although wholly and completely driven by a profit model for Adobe, also recognizes that younger users have no interest in bulky laptops with processor and storage limitations.  A simple tablet is preferred.  And everything should be on the cloud, eliminating the need for them to safeguard work, while maximizing the opportunity to share it.  It’s actually a brilliant strategy for Adobe.

That they chose to release this next major move this way is a bit puzzling.  Again, though, basic psychological theory says that the best way to effect change is to introduce it slowly, get people used to it, then fully implement it.  It’s the boiling water experiment.  I guess Adobe has a “Chief Psychologist” on their strategy team.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go – Adobe “Tests” Price Increase

  1. When I can no longer get downloadable LR and PS, I will be looking for other programs. When I am on a ship and have only satellite internet, being on line to use these programs is not an option.


  2. One thing I didn’t mention in my post is that Photoshop would only be available in the more expensive plan. Again, Adobe has recognized that a younger subscriber wants more simple, straight-forward tools for editing images. Lightroom meets that need and will continue to add more functionality. We already see that design philosophy in other products such as Luminar and ON1 Photo Raw.


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