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One of the joys of photography is simply the chance to talk to other photographers.  So many topics to indulge, so many experiences to compare.  And of course, best of all, the chance to admire good work.

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending a talk at our local camera club by Kas Stone, a Canadian photographer based in Nova Scotia.  In addition to her work as a landscape and nature photographer, she regularly teaches, holds workshops and speaks to groups like ours about the art of photography.  Yesterday, the material was especially meaningful to me.  Kas’ talk was titled “Beyond Technique:  Artistry, Creativity, Meaning and Personal Style”.

KasStonePresentationShe spoke to that boundary between technician and artist.  She offered some things to consider in the quest to become a distinct voice in this craft.  She recognized the challenges of learning and growing in a way I hadn’t heard before.

She spoke to personal style and the importance of taking the time to really investigate and understand what moves us as individuals.  Part of that involves understanding our own personalities and what motivates us in other aspects of our lives.

She explored “artistry” and “creativity” from the point of view of trying different things and seeing in different ways.  The curiosity of an open mind.  The “what if” of photography.  Often achieved by studying the work of (and taking the time to be in the company of) other photographers.  Learning everything you can along the way.

She emphasized injecting meaning into our work, ensuring that both we and our audience can take a thoughtful interpretation from the way the work is captured and presented.  It should evoke conversation, different points of view.

A breath of very fresh air, even in this frigid winter of 2018.  Ideas that came at the perfect time for me, as I review the past year’s work and frankly feel a bit underwhelmed with where I sit as a photographer.

We take inspiration from a variety of sources.  Sometimes it’s just fate.  Being in the right place, in the right frame of mind.  That happened last night.  Thank you, Kas.

2 thoughts on “Some Inspiration…

  1. Lots of thought provoking material last night. It came at a time when I was starting to question the value of “judged competition”, in that I feel it has homogenized our craft. Now if I do not score well according to the “rules”, I will not be so quick to assume I do not have a good photo. It just may not fit in the pigeon holes we have created for ourselves. Thanks for posting her material, Nina.


  2. Excellent review, Nina. Kas always does a great presentation and she sure didn’t disappoint last night.


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