No More Pencils (Keyboards), No More Books (MacBooks)…

This week, I wrapped up my first year of college, studying Digital Photography.  Actually, that label is a bit of a misnomer:  the first semester was digital photography, the second, most recent was digital video.  I learned an incredible amount, even if I did struggle a bit to maintain my focus (pardon the pun) in this most recent semester.


Actually, the process of creating a concept on storyboards, developing a script, planning the production, recruiting talent, shooting, editing and processing is quite fascinating.  If nothing else, the evolution of a story is amazing.  And seeing it play out on video as a finished product is cool.  But it’s time to let go of this area of my training.

The most useful topic we studied this semester was around the proliferation of social media platforms and how an ambitious photographer might take advantage of them.  I now have a more public presence, including this website, than any other time in my life.  I’m literally everywhere.

I’m thankful to my classmates, especially my friend Miranda, for seeing me through this year.  It will be hard to be away from them for 4 months.  My ambition is to return to studying all I can about photography, and to indulge in one small project each week to beef up those skills.  First on the list:  a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario.  Maybe I can talk some of my friends into joining me?

2 thoughts on “No More Pencils (Keyboards), No More Books (MacBooks)…

  1. ❤ I count myself incredibly lucky to have found a friend like you!
    Royal Botanical Gardens doesn't even know whats going to hit it.

    We should hit up Bedford, too!



    1. Thanks, my friend. New adventures await. Between your and Bedford’s expertise with food and wine, a trip to wine country might be more appropriate. That would be something.


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