One Year Ago

Artificial HipA year ago today, I received a new hip.  Routine surgery I’m told, but life changing for me.  Months of excruiating pain replaced, initially, by the feeling of having been hit by a bus.  Luckily that lasted only a couple of weeks.

My first major surgery; also the first time I fainted on standing; and the first time I took more than one pill in a day.  The weeks of exercises to learn to walk unaided.  The challenges with sitting and even using the bathroom.  Most especially the loss of independence, relying on a wonderful family to indulge my need to get out of the house.

NinaKirienko_20151201_0039-EditBut all of that has passed and I walk just as tall now as I ever did.

I’ve been fairly lucky in life – able to do most of the things I wanted.  There does come a moment though that we realize there are now limitations.  Age-related, stamina-related, time-related.  It’s hard to accept but even harder to plan for.

In that moment, you become so much more thankful for all that is around you – family, friends, colleagues.  You indulge your indulgences with much more enthusiasm and no longer sweat the small stuff.

And you’re much more aware of the progression of other people’s lives, especially when one of those limitations hits them unexpectedly and hard.  You wish you could take that away and you try hard to help them heal.  I suspect that will happen more and more now.

Nina KirienkoI’m grateful for the opportunity to connect with all of you.  I’m grateful for the chance to play photographer.  I’m grateful for your interest in my work.  I look forward enthusiastically to the next year, and to every next year after that.