Isn’t It Ironic?

Nina KirienkoMany people find it hard to find the one thing they want to do with their time that makes them happy.  For some, they know from an early age that they will be a doctor, lawyer, baker, etc.  I never knew.  Still don’t.  But I do love photography.  Over the past year, I’ve immersed myself in it, studied it, practiced it.  But it’s been a bit of a hard road.

My eyesight has never been the best, and since the early 2000’s, I’ve had a variety of procedures to stabilize and preserve it.  Few people are aware that over the past year, I’ve been functioning really with one eye.  Extreme nearsightedness, retinal issues, and now a cloudy lens have basically limited me to one eye for detail and one eye for shapes.

Not exactly the best toolkit to move forward with photography.  Every instructor emphasizes focus – every client wants the same.  It’s been hit and miss on what I could achieve, but I did ok.  Humans are very adaptable, I’ve discovered.

This story will take another step forward with two more procedures this summer.  Hopefully both will give me the best vision I could hope for and maybe bring to a close (for now) the need for any more tune-ups.  We’ll see – at least I hope that I really will.